Why validate bank account details?

As part of your BACS originator requirements, companies need to check the accuracy of account details at source. This is especially relevant for Paperless Direct Debit.

APT provides several ways to achieve this. Our ValiData Service is available in two versions an Online service for instant access or an Integrated into your own database for more flexibility. For any of our services the pricing is per enquiry regardless of the number of users and can be paid by DD at the end of the month or by credit card in advance.

If you are interested in a no obligation free trial of ValiData, please contact us.


ValiData can be embedded within your own existing database or payment application for immediate on-line checking of data. A small amount of programming will be required and our developers can advise you in more detail, contact us.


ValiData's online service can be accessed through our website, you need to register and complete the Direct Debit mandate to start using the service, there is an initial set up fee please contact APT for further details. The Online version brings together the different sort code and banking databases into a single file of information, allowing you to search for sort code and account number verification. The number of searches made will be invoiced on a monthly basis regardless of the number of users.


This option allows you to purchase units in advance, the cost per search decreases the larger the purchased batch size. Speak to us about our Gold, Silver, Bronze or Platinum selection prices, or simply register above so you can get started by purchasing from one of our four tariffs. For more information on our ValiData Service, please contact us.

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